A New Chapter…

I’ve ignored my blog for the past few weeks, which probably made me lose some readership, but that’s okay. I had another important writing project to complete, that sucked up all of my writing time. Years ago, I set a goal of completing my Doctorate by 30. I missed that target by one year but who cares. I did it. As of August 9, 2012, I am Dr. Tim Vanderpyl. It has a nice ring to it I think.

It’s amazing how much a person can change in four years. I think I ‘knew’ more about leadership when I started the Doctor of Strategic Leadership program than I do now, or at least I thought I did. I think part of becoming a scholar is understanding how much you don’t know. I have realized how little I know about leadership and how much I still have to learn. Even if I read 100 leadership books per year, I will still miss out on thousands of other ones. I simply can’t know everything, and I am okay with that. The most boring people in the world are those who ‘know’ everything; the most interesting are those who look at everyday as a chance to learn something. That’s my quest for the future: to never stop learning.

For the past four months, I’ve been studying HR leadership. I met with eleven senior HR leaders of companies you would probably recognize and learned about how they lead their departments. They graciously opened their office doors for me to help me better understand how Top Employers provide effective and scalable HR services. HR is a passion of mine, and that passion has exploded in the past few months. It really is an incredible field, with substantial impacts on the mission and profitability of every organization. I have integrated my findings into a book manuscript and will be working to publish that book over the next few months. I will also attempt to hone some of my theories via my blog and the LDRLB community. I look forward to your thought/comments as I do.


About Tim Vanderpyl
I am a student of leadership and human resources, and I'm blogging to share some of my thoughts and ideas with readers. I'm a CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) at a large healthcare organization, a graduate of Regent University's Doctor of Strategic Leadership program, and lover of the life that God has gifted me with.

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