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Short Bio
Tim Vanderpyl is a HR and Innovation leader with Canada’s largest Catholic healthcare organization. He holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Trinity Western University and a Doctor of Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He can be reached by email here or at www.timvanderpyl.com.

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Other Information
I have worked primarily in non-profit organizations in the sectors of healthcare, social services and church ministry. I am an avid soccer player and have coached a number of boys soccer teams at the Alberta Provincial Championships. I am a Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator and conduct Personality Dimensions workshops in and around Southern Alberta. I am also a contributor to LDRLB, a community of resources dedicated to the advancement of leadership theory.

I love studying leadership and hope to use this blog to share my thoughts about leadership, human resources, and theology. As I progress in my leadership journey, I will share what I am learning through my research, readings, and from my fellow students and instructors. I will also periodically post reviews of books I am reading.

Personally I live in a small city in Alberta, Canada with my wife. I love spending time in the Alberta Rockies kayaking, hiking, camping or tubing down the rivers. I read a lot, and love relaxing at home by the fireplace with a good book.

Everything I write here is my own content (unless otherwise cited or linked to). I write this as an aspiring leadership scholar and HR Professional. I do not speak for my current or past employers through this blog in any way.

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