Is it always the coach?

I’m an NFL fan (yep, I like the NFL over the Canadian Football League, and I’m a Canadian), and it never ceases to amaze me how ruthless the NFL is with its coaches. This season, we’ve already seen three head coaches fired. Most recently, Josh McDaniels was fired as the coach of the Broncos after a series of mistakes and losing more games than he won.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for a guy who still stands to make $7Million over the rest of his contract (more than I’ll make in my lifetime), but it does make me think. Why do we always blame the leader? Was it really all McDaniels’ fault that the Broncos struggled this year? What about the players? The owner? The management? Is blaming the leader the easy solution that we take way too often? I wonder how many times we give leaders too much credit and too much of the blame in other organizations? We might not be as extreme as the NFL, but do we not sometimes take our obsession with “rockstar” leaders too far, and dump way too much of the blame on them if things do go awry?